Return and replacement

    The replacement includes and returns all types of household and electronic devices provided that there is no damage

   Replacement and return if the product is in the same case when purchasing and enveloped in factory

The customer has the right to return the product within one day from the issuance of the invoice or from the arrival of the product from the shipping and replacement company within3 days from the issuance of the invoice or from the arrival of the product from the shipping company 

In the event that the customer does not want the product and wants to return it, the shipping cost will be deducted with the amount of returning the shipment to our warehouse

Sudairy stores replace any device (in case of factory defect) with a new device identical to the replaced device within14 days from the date of receipt and in the following cases: -

    The device is free from scratches or misuse cases

    Bring the original enclosure with all accessories and the existing use guide inside


- Software A video games are not refundable.

- Products installed and covered by the retrieval policy unless they are affected, will be fixed or subjected to retrieval policy.

- For health reasons, health and beauty products (shaving cream, hair removal devices, non-refundable, replacement or refunds or refund unless they are defective within seven days.

- Do not place mobile phones, computer devices, gaming devices for recovery or replacement or retrieval of the amount unless it is defective in seven days.

- Conductive data cards or router are not subject to refund or refund unless they are defective during seven days.

- Printers, fax machines, imaging machines, imported materials and accessories for recovery or replacement or replacement are unless they are defective within seven days.

- Please contact us to get a product retrieval mandate before completing the recovery process and this figure is valid for seven days from the version date.

- If the product is returned because there is a defect in manufacturing or defect in the operation, or the product is damaged during delivery or an error product, the customer will not bear any expenses related to shipping or bank transfer expenses (20 SR), and if the product is returned for other reasons ( For example: The customer's need for replacement or change of Ray client (the client is bearing in this case charging expenses and bank transfer expenses.

- During the preparation of recovery, the product must be in its original packaging with all accessories and proof, we will not accept retrieval of products with scratches, or damaged due to misuse or operation because of the plug-in error, and based on the estimate of the single institution, the institution is studying the reformed goods Do not meet the following criteria:

Physical recovery of products

- Please contact the customer service team to go to bring the product - if the product is received by the Sudairy Group / Bandar Ali Al Sudairy Foundation, the team sets an appointment to collect the goods.

- If the product is received from a bus company, the customer service team brings the product from a bus company, which will contact the customer to collect the product.

- In case of collecting the product from one of our affiliate stores, it must go directly to the store. - The license number with the product that is retrieved, the product number in the charging documents must appear, the failure in doing will cause the process delay.

- Once the unit is retrieved, the enterprise will examine the product for replacement, refund, after examination by the Foundation's technical regarding packing conditions, examination of complete accessories, examination of the product technique, and obtaining the approval of the line manager, rejected replacement or replacement Re-retrieve the amount.