Privacy policy :

Hello and welcome to the Sudairi store (referred to as the website / online services), a service provided by the Sudairi Foundation. Where the website is operated by the Foundation (denoted as we / us / or plural).

As a user of the website (referred to as you / the customer / the customer), you must read and understand the following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions" list).

Once you use the website for the purpose of purchase, you will be obligated to follow the terms and conditions. Please review the list of terms and conditions carefully before starting to use the electronic services. In the event that you do not agree (or are unable to abide by) any law or condition from the list, we advise you not to use the electronic services provided by us.

Website Security Protection:

You are absolutely not permitted to violate or attempt to violate the security protection of the website, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Accessing information that is not intended for you, or logging into the internet server or an account that you are not authorized to use officially.

Attempting to explore, examine, or test the ability of the system or network, or attempt to penetrate the security system or protection levels without being authorized to do so.

Attempting to disrupt or interfere with the service provided to any other user, host, network or host, which includes without limitation spreading and sending viruses to the website, overloading the site or sending chain letters or unwanted e-mail or any other means that may harm the integrity of the network.

Sending unsolicited messages, including commercial offers and / or advertisements for products or services.

Simulation for the purpose of forgery of the IP address, e-mail address, or any part of the website address and using it in any e-mail or mailing group. Harmful violations of the system or network security will result in civil and criminal penalties in most cases.

You hereby agree not to use system resources from hardware or software, or any method of interference, interference, or attempt to interfere with the functioning of the website or any activity or service provided by the site. The website will investigate activities that may involve these violations and will cooperate with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment to the persons involved in such violations.

Privacy policy :

We are aware of our responsibility to protect your personal information and we take this matter very seriously. We believe that your personal information is one of our most important resources. We store the processing of your personal information through our servers and it is protected by high-tech security hardware and software. We also use a third party to verify and endorse the privacy principles of our website, including services. If you object to our system of processing your personal information by transfer or use by any means, please send your request to [email protected] or you can avoid using the website services.

We do not trade your personal information in any way, selling or renting to any third party without your explicit consent in the first place.

Registration - My Personal Account:

The registration process includes the information (your personal information) that you provide to us to complete your transactions and also to contact you. You must accept the principle of our use of and updating your personal information in order to deal with the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your identity during the follow-up process to deliver the purchase order and pay electronically.

The information that you provide during the registration process is protected data in accordance with the terms of the privacy protection described previously. Your personal information forms part of your record of your dealings with our services. If you use our website, you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account and password, in addition to preventing access to your personal device / computer, and you thus bear responsibility for all operations that are performed through your personal account using the password.

The website does not bear any liability to anyone for any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to protect your password or any other information related to your personal account. If you suspect that there are suspicious transactions in your personal account, please notify us by contacting us immediately through any means.

Electronic Communication:

With your consent to use the website and our electronic services, you hereby agree to receive our electronic messages in all their forms through e-mail, periodicals, notices and alerts advertised on the website. Based on that, you implicitly agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are legally binding and deal with the transaction of written transactions.

We have the right to monitor, record and save any phone call, e-mail, or any other form of electronic communication with you for training purposes in order to verify the advice and notes directed to us and to improve and develop the quality of service provided to our customers.