Koolen cordless electric floor mop 9001

Koolen cordless electric floor mop 9001

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Koolen cordless electric floor mop 9001

    • Model 9001
    • Product type: cordless mop.
    • Material: plastic + stainless steel.
    • Power used: rechargeable battery.
    • It helps in cleaning hard floors such as parquet, ceramic, converse and linoleum.
    • SELF-CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Self-cleaning base keeps the cleaner clean.
    • Lightweight mop and handle.
    • Waterproof Tank Cleaning Mop: 420ml clean water tank and 150ml dirty water tank.
    • Low power electric mop head with no noise when operating.
    • 11.1V Cordless Floor Mop.
    • On shipping.
    • Power indicator.
    • Percentage of contaminated contamination.
    • Components and Parts: (Mop head / Handle with aluminum tube / Machine mounted brush / BS adapter / Charging base / Opening pin).
    • Country of origin: China

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