common questions

What are the delivery times?
  • Delivery is during two periods, the morning period is from 8:30 until 12:30, and the evening period is from 4:15 to 10:30 pm inside Hail and outside Hail, by booking an appointment.

What is the reason for the late arrival of the product?
  • The customer is informed of the delivery time by calling or by texting, and the delivery time is determined, either it is a morning or evening period, and the delivery is during the specified period at any time, and there is no specific time during the period.

Why does the technician refuse to install the washing machine? Or any other product?
  • The establishment is only responsible for delivery and is not responsible for installations, programming and plumbing, except for split and window air conditioners

A screen was purchased and I don’t know how to program it?
  • The organization is only responsible for delivery and for other inquiries, please contact the unified number 920012311.

I want to buy a split air conditioner for a store?
  • When ordering the purchase of a split air conditioner for a commercial store, we must take out the installation engineer to inspect the site in case the installation is possible or not.

I want a technician to open, break, or repair the wall to install the air conditioner?
  • We are not responsible for the foundation or construction work, and the technician will go out for installation in case the place is ready for installation.

I want to postpone the delivery or installation time to another day?
  • Postponement dates are determined based on pre-booked reservations, specifying leisure times, and then booking a new appointment.

I have a split air conditioner and it has a problem?
  • Contact is made through us and make sure that the air conditioner is still under the warranty period and a request is raised for maintenance, and the customer is contacted and a date for the technician’s visit is set if the product is still under warranty.

How do I know if the product is within warranty or out of warranty?
  • The date on which the product was purchased is recorded on the invoice, and if the invoice is not available or the date is unclear, one of the institution’s numbers is contacted.

What is the guarantee with the Sudairi Foundation?
  • The warranty is comprehensive on all products for a period of two years.

The product is out of warranty and I want maintenance?
  • In the event that the product is out of warranty, the customer is transferred to the agent of the producer company, and communication between the customer and the agent is done separately outside our responsibility.

I contacted the company and there was a delay in visiting the maintenance technician?
  • The dates for visiting companies and their maintenance are outside our responsibility.

I don't know the invoice number or the invoice is missing?
  • The invoice is also recorded with the mobile number of the institution.

I found a call from you, but I was unable to reply?
  • In most cases, the call is either to evaluate the after-sales service or confirm a delivery date or call from the maintenance department.

What are the work periods at the institution?
  • The morning period is from 8:30 until 12:30 and the evening period from 4:15 until 10:30 all days except Friday from 4:00 until 10:30 in the evening period.

I want maintenance for a product that I bought from one of the other stores?
  • The maintenance technician does not take out the appointment for a visit except for the products issued by Al-Sudairy Corporation only.

I received a product that has broken or scratches and I want to replace or retrieve it?
  • In the event that the breakage or scratches occurred during the loading and unloading by the workers, the product will be replaced, and if the problem was after the download was completed by the workers and delivered to a place, please contact the unified number: 920012311

I bought a product 5 days ago and I want a replacement?
  • Replacement is made within 3 days after purchase, provided that it was not used at all and in its new condition, and that all attachments and cartons are present with the product, except that it is not possible to replace.

I bought a product two days ago and I want to get it back?
  • The return is within 24 hours only, provided that it has not been used at all and in its new condition, and that all attachments and cartons are present with the product, except that it cannot be replaced.

Do I need a few meters of heating for a split conditioner?
  • Each air conditioner has 4 meters of crazy copper wire, and more than that, each meter will be calculated at 60 riyals.

I live in one of the villages in the city of Hail and I want to deliver?
  • We have a connection to all the villages of Hail, and the delivery is for a fee, depending on the distance in km.

I want to buy a product and I want to pay for the receipt?
  • Payment must be made before the delivery process, either the account through one of the branches or the bank transfer, and after that the purchase invoice is exported and an appointment for delivery is booked.