Hitachi Electric Oven and Grill 30 Liter - Black

Hitachi Electric Oven and Grill 30 Liter - Black

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Hitachi Electric Oven and Grill 30 Liter - Black

A relaxing cooking experience
This Hitachi HOTG-30 Electric Oven features a lot of advanced functions to make the whole cooking experience enjoyable and easy. This advanced electric oven is easy to use and works efficiently for cooking a variety of dishes. The various functions that a kitchen oven can perform include baking, roasting, grilling and defrosting. The grill function of this oven makes it ideal for grilling meats. Plus it has a 120-minute timer that allows you to set when dishes are cooked.

Designed to impress the user
The Hitachi HOTG-30 Electric Oven is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to cook something different every day. Moreover, this high quality electric oven comes with high quality stainless steel heating elements that heat up in a few minutes.

  • Weight 12 kg
  • Hitachi brand
  • black color
  • The length is 30 cm
  • The width is 40 cm
  • The oven capacity is 30 liters
  • Fuel type is Electricity
  • 1600 watt
  • Model number HOTG-30
  • Made in China

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